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Huber started producing tractors in the late 1890's after buying out Benjamin C. Vanduzen company. Huber made a few of the Vanduzen designed tractors and decided to quit production and try to design a better tractor. It was 14 years later when Huber would enter the tractor market again which they would remain until World War II. After World War II Huber never reentered the tractor market. Huber still produces construction equipment.

Please e-mail me if you know any more about Huber. Thanks

Huber tractor Model unknown.

My father bought this tractor and we are not sure what model HUBER it is. We are looking for information on this tractor and would appreciate any. If you know of any other Huber pages please let me know and I'll add them to the bottom of this page. I will be posting more information later as I get it.

Jeremy Fiorelli


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Huber Tractor Shots
Here are some pictures I have found. Sorry I don't know whose page this is.
Huber tractor
I don't know whose page this is.
1928 HUBER 25-50
Huber images

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