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1939 Minneapolis-Moline UTS


Minneapolis Moline introduced the U tractors in 1938 replacing the Minneapolis-Moline Twin City KTA and MTA. The U used a 4 1/4 X 5 inch 283 cubic inch four cylinder engine. The first 25 U's built were the UDLX's (U-DeLX). In 1942 the U would loose it's "RED NOSE" and would get a bar grill and side curtans that went back the full length of the hood. The U could be equipted to burn gasoline, tractor fuel, LPG, or diesel. In 1941 the U was the first factory equipted tractor to burn LPG (Liquid Petrolum Gas or propane). The U was the first tractor to be tested at the Nebraska tractor test center using LPG and the last MM tractor to be tested using tractor fuel. The U was a very popular tractor for MM their are many different styles of U's they were built for farm, industrial, and military use. The standard U would remain in production until it was replaced buy the 5 Star in 1957. The other U's would be replaced by the UB in 1953.