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This is a 1961 four-wheel-drive Minneapolis-Moline GVI diesel

A little history on the GVI

Replacing the GB the GVI was the last MM tractor to use the letter system for identification, it was produced from 1959 to 1962 when it was replaced by the G 705. Minneapolis Moline also produced the GVI's and G 704's as the Massey-Ferguson 95's and the Minneapolis-Moline G 705's, G 706's, G 707's, and the G 708's were produced as the Massey-Ferguson 97's. It is considered by some to be one of the downfalls of the company for three main reasons.

  1. MM sold one of there best selling tractors to a competitor.
  2. MM had the only factory equipped Power Front Axle and know they had to share that with Massey-Fergson.
  3. MM sold the tractors to Massey-Fergson at a price that allowed the Massey dealers to sell the same tractor at a lower price than MM dealers could sell the tractor.

Nebraska tractor test results for the GVI

At the Nebraska tractor test laboratory in Lincoln Test #791
The two-wheel drive GVI LPG developed 78.44 engine hp and 71.15 drawbar @1500RPM
The engine was a 4 1/4" X 5" six cyl with 425CID
It had 5 forward gears from 3.1 to 17.1 MPH and weighted 8155lbs.
The Diesel version developed 78.44 hp

Minneapolis-Moline Z Tractor

This tractor is a Minneapolis-Moline ZTE, it weights 3760# I saved this tractor from the iron men, it is still used on occasion on my family farm. It has a 206 cid engine with a 3 5/8 X 5 inch bore and stroke.

Introduced in 1937 the Model "Z" tractor was popular from the start. It was rated at 32 belt hp. The Model Z and the Model R had a unique engine design, the valves set at a horizontal angle while the cylinders set vertical. Instead of having push rods and lifters the long rocker arms ran off the camshaft to the valves. This design eliminated approximately 154 parts and made it possible to set the valve clearance, remove the pan and work on the bottom end of the engine while sitting in a chair. Because of the cylinder head design a greater amount of turbulence was created in the combustion chamber increasing the horsepower and fuel efficiency of the engine.

The early Model Z had a 3 5/8 X 4 1/2 186cid Model RE engine while the later Models ZA and ZB had the 3 5/8" X 5" 206cid engine. The tractor pictured above has the 206 and should have a wide ajustable front end.

How this tractor did this summer 1998

I took this tractor to one pull this summer and ended up 5th in the 4500lB divison II class and 3ed in the 5000lb division II class not to bad for the first time I started adding weight to it. This is the tractor I have done the most pulling with. Sorry I didn't get any pictures of this tractor pulling this summer. At the time this picture was taken I was pulling in the 4500lb division I class.

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