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Jeremy Fiorelli's

Twin City & Minneapolis-Moline Tractor & Pulling Page.

Twin City 21-32

This tractor is a 1934 Twin City 21-32, it weights around 7320#, has a 382 cid engine with a 4 1/2 X 6 inch bore and stroke. I got a full pull and won the 7000-8500# class.

How this tractor did this summer 1998

I took this tractor to Brady this summer and ended up winning the 6500-7500LB division I class.

Minneapolis-Moline GB

This tractor is a Minneapolis-Moline GB with the 800 engine conversion. The 6 cylinder engine has a 5.319 X 6 inch bore and stroke giving it 800 cubic inches. I won the 7500-8500 LB division V class at Callaway this summer. The engine didn't hardly notice 4th gear running at less than 1100 RPM's. This is by far my most powerful tractor.

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