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Minneapolis-Moline R

The R tractor was introduced in 1939 and rated at 24hp, it featured a 165 cid engine with 3 5/8 X 4. The was tested twice at Nebraska the first time (test #341) in 1940 running at 1400 rpm and again in 1951 (test #468) running at 1500 rpm.

Nebraska test results for the 1951 R Test #468

The R gasoline developed 27.09 engine hp and 23.90 drawbar hp @ 1500rpm with the 3 5/8 X 4 inch 4 cylinder engine with 165 cid. The tractor had four forward gears form 2.6 to 13.2 mph and one reverse. It developed 7.95 hp hr/gal and weighed 3414lbs.

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