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THE design of the Super Four does not require a built-up frame to support the work-ing parts. As may be seen, a heavear case contarns all gears and bearings, forms a support for rear end of tractor and the cast trough in which the engine is mounted and to which the front axle is attached, forms the front end support. These two heavy Nickel Iron castings are securely bolted together to make a rigid, unyielding foundation in which and on which all mechanism is mounted. It is, in effect, a  solid unit from front to rear and no matter what strains are thrown upon it there can be no twist or cramp or variation of any kind. Consequently every part always remains in perfect alignment with every other part. The engine can not get twisted out of line with the transmission and in the hardest kind of service all gears always remain in the same relation to each other exactly as they were placed at the factory . 


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