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IT'S an old adage, but it is a true one- "There Is No Substitute For Quality." Quality farm equipment is just as essential to your success today as in the years gone by. In these days of highly competitive selling how often has a purchaser been pursuaded to buy equipment under the pretense that it was "just as good," but sold for less money, only to find out later to his sorrow that the Quality was not there.
    The Huber Manufacturing Company will not break faith with its customers by sacrificing Quality to obtain a lower selling price. We would rather stand firm on quality at a fair price than to yield quality to meet a low price. We have always worked on the theory that the great majority of buyers of tractors and threshers hold real quality above all other considerations and would rather pay a little more, if necessary, to secure the best. For 57 years Huber has carried the banner of success on the principle that every Huber customer must receive a full dollar's value for every dollar expended. Success will continue to be ours so long as we strictly adhere to these principles. 
   Huber tractors are strictly modern and meet every requirement of the trade. Materials used in their construction are the best that can be procured and dimensions are unstinted. They will go out and do the work for which they are intended and do it better and longer than if they were cheaply built and cheaply sold. 
    These up-to-date, high grade machines may not interest the man who buys for the low dollar regardless of value, but for the careful, discriminating buyer who appreciates quality and considers it along with price, they have a real appeal. A careful investigation of Huber tractors with their surplus power will convince that Huber offers the best, regardless of price. 




SUPER Four Model Huber Tractors are made in two sizes, 32.-45 and 40-62. horse power. They are made extra strong to stand up under unusual service. They appeal to the tractor buyer who is going to require more of his tractor than the ordinary , cheaply built tractor will stand-who wants to drive his tractor to the limit without the expense and inconvenience of frequent repairs. They are made heavy so their super power is available in draw bar pull and not wasted in spinning wheels. Added weight means added cost but also means higher efficiency and longer life that add to the value of the investment. 
  There are certain very definite advantages in owning a tractor with Surplus Power. Any tractor that has to operate continuously right up to the limit of its power capacity is very likely to have a short life and to be a frequent source of expensive annoyance. On the other hand, a tractor that is built big enough and strong enough to be able to do the bulk of its work far below the limit of power it is capable of developing, will continue to give years of good service, require few repairs and operate always with greater economy. 


WHEN used as farm tractors, the surplus powered Super Fours will safely carry the peak load of the rush season when every minute counts and when a few hours saved may mean the difference between a poor crop and a good one. One man can do the work of several men and save expense of hiring extra help for the rush season. The 32-45 and 40-62 will pull from four to six or more plows, depending upon soil conditions.
  On account of high power, plowing and other field operations are usually done in high speed, enabling the Super Four to turn out a great deal more work than the ordinary farm tractor in the same time and at the same expense. 


BECAUSE the Super Four tractors have so much power and operate so steadily on the belt, they are particularly suitable for pulling threshing machinery. The 32-45 furnishes plenty of power for threshers up to 32 x 54 size and ill some cases even larger.
  The 40-62. furnishes ample power for the largest machines doing the biggest work with a safe margin to Fall back on in case of emergency. 
  It is no longer necessary to enumerate the many advantages the gas tractor has over the steam engine, or the old-fashioned heavy gas and oil engines, for threshing power . Threshermen everywhere have come to recognize the many conveniences and economies of gas. 


IT'S ability to get in and out of close places and its range of road speeds make the Super Four great power for pulling a road grader. The fact that the entire transmission is housed in.a dust and dirt proof case in a bath of oil enables these tractors to give long periods of service on heavy draw bar work without the loss of time and the expense of making gear replacements. If not abused by lack of oil, the Super Four transmission will last indefinitely. 
  Super Four tractors are also being used more and more to replace steam in saw mills as the saving in help more than offsets the difference in fuel cost and the power is sufficient for the largest logs, even when edgers and cut off saws are also hooked on.


THE operator's deck is roomy and while it is provided with a seat, it is not necessary to sit down to run the tractor. Control levers, steering wheel and foot brake are so placed to be most convenient when the operator is in a natural position, either standing or sitting. The belt pulley is made of weatherproof pressed fibre, a very durable material that greatly reduces belt 
slippage. It is mounted high off the ground, on the right hand side and in the clear, ahead of the drive wheel, with plenty of belt clearance above the front axle. The tractor may be operated without turning belt pulley if desired. A lever for throwing the belt pulley out of gear is located within reach of the driver. A foot-operated brake is mounted on outside of transmission case but there is also a brake on clutch shaft that stops band pulley quickly when clutch is released. 
  Irreversible steering gear is enclosed in cast iron case and packed in grease. Large diameter, broad faced wheels, front and rear, make the tractor especially adaptable for use on soft ground or in plowed fields. Heavy bolted-on cleats provide  traction when ground is soft or slippery. Picks and spade lugs are also available for use when conditions demand. 
  Super Four tractors are well balanced, handle easily, have short turn and have absolutely no inclination to rear up or topple over.

Rear View 32-45 Super Four
Note Roomy Platform and Convenient controls- Draw Bar Shifter an extra.

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