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Corn harvest 2004

View from the seat of the combine View of the head at work
Here is a picture of the corn field from the seat of the combine before we start picking it. The head removes the ears from the corn stocks and chews the stocks up shoving them out the bottom.
  Full grain bin on Combine
This is what it looks like after the head has removed the ears and chewed up the stocks. After the head removes the ears they are ran through the machine where the corn is removed from the ear then the corn moves to the combines grain bin.. The grain bin holds 209 bushel.
Combine filling the grain cart. Filling the semi with the grain cart.
When the combine's grain bin is full the corn is augared to the grain cart using the combines unloading auger.  This is normaly done while the combine is still moving and picking through the field. This Combine unloads corn at about two and a half bushel a second that is 140 pounds of corn in one second. The grain cart hauls the corn from the combine to the semi. Using the grain cart allows the combine to unload on the go so it dosn't have to stop to unload saving lots of time.   The semi will haul the corn from the field to where ever it's destnation is sometimes we haul it to a grain bin, corn pile or elevator.
Tractor Grain Cart and Combine Combine Grain Cart and Combine
The grain cart and combine are full weighting for the semi to return to unload. With both the grain cart and combine full they will fill over half the the 1000 bushel the semi will haul.
Grain pile at feed lot.  
Corn in a huge pile for a local feed lot.  We haul corn to this feed lot at 24% moisture and greater  it is called "WET CORN"  This corn will be fed to their calves.