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NATPA of Nebraska

Cruises" into Lincoln!
NATPA of NE was invited by the Lincoln Chamber of COmmerce to participate in the “Americruise” event held in Lincoln on July 20-23.   “Hot Rod magazine”  selects 8 cities  in the US to host this Hot Rod Car Show.  Over 2800 restored and hot rod cars came from all across the US. The Chamber treated NATPA of NE  well by providing VIP passes.  These passes allowed members to attend the meals and other events associated with Americruise.

We were able to participate in 2 parades each day, winding though the crowds of people.  A lot of heads were turned as this was the 1st time tractors were allowed into the Americruise event.  And YES we did fit right in, our tractors were just as shiny and we had pipes just as loud as those cars.  We received many positive comments from the crowd and had fun visiting with the people who had never seen or even heard of Antique Tractor Pulling.

 It was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun!  The biggest compliment to NATPA of NE came when the Americruise representatives asked that we be included in their event next year.  It is very rare for the Americruise event be held in the same city two years in a row.   Because of the warm hospitality of Lincoln they decide to book it for  July 27-29, 2001.   One thing the public kept asking was to see a pull demonstration.  We may  try to coordinate exhibition pulls which will allow more tractors to attend.

Hats off to the NATPA of NE members that represented us so well! Larry Behrends, Lyle Bouc, Bob Bryan, Leonard Davidson, Ken Foland, Dale Greunke, Allen Horejsi, Rainold Horejsi, Norm Jaspring, Larry Klahn, Mike Sr and Mike Langan,  Dale Nelson, Duane Nelson, Mark Nelson, Steve Nelson, Ron Schwaninger,  Terry Vulcan, Tad Warm, Shawn Weins and Jennifer Werner.

Thanks to Vicki Nelson for "Leading the Pack" on the 4-wheeler and the NATPA sign.  Mark the sign looked great!

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