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A Note from your Prez

As the new president I wish to say thank you for electing me. I hope we can have a safe fun enjoyable season. As I’m sure most of you have heard it was voted to combine division 4 and 5 this year in the state because of the limited# of Division 5 tractors. This will take a little work and adjustment. Any tractor legal in Division5 will be legal in the combined class. There will be an 8 mph speed limit. Other wise not much will change just less classes for the promoters and less tractors running by themselves all the time.

At the Platte Valley/NATPA co-sanctioned pulls we may have to award double points as they will still be running 4 and 5 seperate this will have to be worked out before pulling starts. Just remember if this doesn't work at all we can change it back next year. We are just trying to help the promoters by not having to buy so many trophies.

We have three 4 hours shows this year, this year they are all in the central part of the state for the first time. This is a great thing for our association and will continue to grow if we work on it. We are working on a points system for the4 hour pulls for this year details later.

In order to get the #of hooks we need to make these work it would be nice if those planning to come to the 4 hour pulls would call Michelle or my self ahead of time. This will let me sleep at night instead of worry if we will have enough hooks, and give us a chance to beg people to come to a pull if needed.

If anyone has problems or concerns please feel free to contact a director or me. If you feel the need to yell at some one please take it out on me not the others.

I want to thank all of the officers and Directors together we can have a great year. I hope to make it to some pulls on both sides of the state. Good luck this season and hope to see you all at the pulls

The Prez---Wayne Johnson

Secretaries Notes:

Well the season is fast fast approaching…it is going to be here way before I am ready for it. Especially since our first sanctioned points pull is just two weeks away. This newsletter should have been out a few weeks ago, but time seems to get away from me.

The list of pulls is enclosed. There is a mistake to the schedule. I missed getting Murdock on the list. It is a NATPA of Nebraska points pull on July 4th again this year. The pull will start at 11am and they will be having fireworks that evening after the pull. If you have any questions please contact Brian McHugh at 402-867-3641 his home # or 402-867-2141 his work.

I will be sending copies of the updated rules as soon as they are finalized. There are a few changes to them since we voted at annual meeting to combine Divisions 4 and 5 in the state. The pulls that are co-sanctioned pulls will still run Divisions 4 and 5 separate. At those pulls points will be awarded in both Divisions and added to the combined classes. This means that at a co-sanctioned pull there may be two drivers that will get 15 points for that pull in the combined class. If you have any questions please contact me and I will try to explain it better. Also, it was voted at the board meeting in April that we will include the 4-hour pulls in the points race.

The association has three 4-hour pulls this year. The committee has worked hard to book these These are where we have been getting the majority of our income the last few years. And from the interest we received at the Fair Managers Convention in January, we could really bring some interest to our sport and make some good money off of these show. But the only way that is going to happen is with participation from the members. For more information on the 4-hour pulls see the section on page 3.

Now to those that have paid your dues for this year I thank you greatly. As for the rest of you, your dues are due now. If your label has a yellow “X” on it you are paid for this year. So if you have not paid your dues yet, please fill out the enclosed membership form and send them in as soon as you can. I would greatly appreciate that.

Also check out the website. Jeremy Fiorelli has done some updating to it and we will soon have the schedule, rules and other important info on the site. Thanks Jeremy for all the work you have done to the page.

 NATPA of Nebraska Secretary-----Michelle Biel

4 Hour Show Pulls

For those members who are not familiar with the 4-hour pulls, these are shows the association puts on at county fairs and other events. Here is a clip from the 4-hour literature we had at the Fair Managers Convention. “Our 4-hour show pull is specifically designed to attract spectators to your fair or event. A show pull is set up to allow us to give an interesting presentation in a small time frame. Many of our sanctioned events can last from six to eight hours. Our 4-hour show pull has limited divisions and weight classes; this keeps spectators interested and allows you to schedule more than one event for the day. We encourage local people to participate.”

We run about 80 hooks approximately. This pulls are usually limited to Division 2, 3 and 4/5. The weight classes are limited to 3500#, 4500#, 5500#, 6500#, 7500#, and 8500# classes. This enables us to give a wide array of tractors and still keep it in the time frame that will work for these promoters. This year the 4 hour pulls will also counted in the points race, so be sure to attend!!!

The three pulls we have this year are:

1) Howard County Fair in St Paul on July 20th at noon. Contact Jennifer Werner at 402-336-4301 if you have any questions on this pull

2) Lincoln County Fair in North Platte on Aug 3rd at noon. Contact Dick Hasenauer at 308-387-4555 with questions on this pull

3) Dawson County Fair in Lexington on Aug 16th at 5pm. Contact Dick Hasenauer at 308-387-4555 if you have questions on this pull


Now this is where we need you as members to step up and help out. We need approximately 35-40 members to come to each show to make it work. And if that does not happen it is going to make the association look bad and not be a successful pull. We desperately need this revenue to keep the association going. If you will be able to attend the 4 hour pulls or have any questions on them, please let Michelle or Wayne know so that we can plan for the pulls.

NATPA of Nebraska



Let everyone know you are a NATPA of Nebraska member and proud of it. NATPA of Nebraska has polo shirts and caps available. The polo shirts start at $18 and come in burgundy, royal blue and gray with the NATPA of Nebraska logo on the front. The caps are $18 and available in several color combinations with logo embroidered on the front. Contact Michelle about the specials we are running.