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4-Hour Show/Pull

The NATPA of Nebraska is a regional chapter of the NAPTA (National Antique Tractor Pulling Association), a national organization with members all across the United States. NATPA of Nebraska is a close-knit group of nearly 150 members. Although the majority of our members are from Nebraska, several come to us from Kansas, Iowa, South Dakota, and Colorado. What we would like to offer you is a fun, fast-paced showcase of agricultural history.

Our 4-hour show pull is specifically designed to attract spectators to your fair. A show pull is set up to allow us to give an interesting presentation in a small time frame. Many of our sanctioned events can last up to seven hours. Our 4-hour show pull has limited divisions and weight classes, this keeps spectators interested and allows you to schedule more than one event for the day, We encourage local people to participate and are happy to provide the chapter rules to fairboards along with contact numbers so we can answer any questions you may have.

All tractors 1957 and older are eligible to pull, giving spectators a glimpse back in time, All major tractor brands are represented along with some lesser known makes and models. The tractors that pull during our 4-hour pulls as well as at our sanctioned pulls are in various stages of restoration from just out of the tree grove to full show room splendor.